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All about Stump Grinding

So you have a leftover stump, what are your options if you want to free your property from the stump? I really like what John Moran of What it, Home and Garden Section had to say about this question - said with humor but it is quite true.  "Options:

  1. Pour chemicals on the stump to help it disintegrate "naturally". This will take a few decades.

  2. Try digging it out yourself, for small stumps this might actually work, assuming you have a truck, some chains, and a friend or two who are easily bribed with beer and pizza.

  3. Dynamite. Only viable in very rural areas where the nearest neighbor is at least 3 football fields away. (be sure to film this for potentially earning yourself a Darwin Award or at least a "most viewed" for the week on YouTube.)

  4. Hiring or renting a stump grinder

If you want to try one of the first three options, good luck, if you're interested in stump grinding, read on. If you would like to read the rest of his article (quite interesting) 

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