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The price of your stump grinding project

Most stumps have a price of $3.00 per inch.

Pine stumps have a price of $3.50 per inch.

Grinding cuts are being priced at 4"- 6" below grade or dirt line. 

always welcome pictures for phone quotes. Two pictures seem to

     work best, one from a distance and one from top with tape 

     tape measure or yardstick. 

How to measure a stump.

Measure the two widest points of the stump, including root flare. 

To estimate the price, multiply cost per inch by the width of the stump.


There can be extenuating circumstances that affect price as well.

  • A mounded stump.

  • Stump not being flush cut properly.

  • Stump with rock or metal embedded in the stump.

  • Loose rock around stump will need to be removed before grinding.

  • Access to stump may add to cost of grinding.


While this video explains the process of understanding the cost of stump grinding really well, if you still have questions, please give me a call.  I will be glad to discuss your project with you and will be glad to come out and take the actual measurements and give you a quote for your project.  

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